Exclusive Deal with Federal Phoenix Group!

FPG New Logo with Member 2016


Our current motor insurance partner FPG offers GrabCar Peers car insurance premium of only 1% of car market value + 3-month installment for a limited time only from September 1 – December 31, 2016! 


  • Open to all GrabCar Peers accredited with Grab Philippines.
  • For policies that will be issued during the promo period (from September 1 until December 31,2016), you will get a special premium rate for your motor car insurance.

Sample Computation: 2014 TOYOTA VIOS J 1.3 GAS M/T

Discount offer: 1% of car market value
Other Insurance Co. FPG Insurance
Own Damage/Theft Php 430,000 Php 6,450 Php 4,300
Acts of Nature Php 430,000 Php 1,290 Included
Third Party Bodily Injury Php 200,000 Php420 Php420
Third Party Property Damage Php 200,000 Php1,245 PHp1,245
Auto Personal Accident Php 20,000 Included Included
TOTAL WITH TAXES Php 12,490.04 Php 7,921.65


  • All policies that will be issued within the promo period, regardless of inception / effectivity date, will be accommodated.
  • On top of the special premium rate, FPG Insurance will give a 90-day credit term (or 3 months installment). GrabCar Peer can pay through:
  • Cash at any FPG Branches nationwide
  • Post-dated checks
  • Bills payment with BDO



  • Interested GrabCar Peers need to go to the Stripes Lounge at the Grab office in Wilcon IT Hub (9AM-6PM, Monday to Friday) and bring a photo copy of their respective car OR and CR.
  • GrabCar PH Team will submit the list of car insurers including the scanned copies of ORs and CRs every Friday to Ms Vinelle Haber of FPG Insurance with email address vhaber@fpgins.com.ph.
  • FPG Insurance will get in touch with GrabCar Peers on the status of their application and fulfillment of their car insurance policy. The car insurance e-policy will be sent four (4) days after the date of request.



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