On the Road to a Better Grab Community

Last Sunday, January 17, we’ve invited you to our monthly Peer Community session and it turned out to be one for the books. As pillars and ambassadors of GrabCar, you greatly contribute to the growth of the company as we grow even bigger as a business and as a community.

A little over a year in, we’ve proven that a tech startup can turn into a household name and one that revolutionizes the way we move all over Metro Manila. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As we continue to strive harder and smarter, we recognize that we still have a long way to go.

As a community, we tapped into the following important issues and the Grab team has been working hard in proposing solutions and strategies to work with you better.
Recruitment & Applications
What factors are considered in fare calculation? Is it purely traffic? Supply and demand? We understand that it’s not perfect, and it’s an improvement from city-wide surge, but sometimes the fare calculation is inconsistent. Using base fare & per KM figures, it doesn’t always match manual calculation.

Great feedback! Fares are definitely something we are continuously trying to optimize. The fixed fare takes into consideration a number of factors such as traffic, supply, demand, and even weather, to ensure that drivers are fairly compensated for their services, and passengers get value for their money. 

For POI issues, keep the feedback coming! Please keep emailing incorrect POIs; rest assured that we clean them up each time we receive a complaint. We rely on you, who are always out on the road, to help us perfect our POIs!

Suspension Process

What is the suspension process? There seems to be no due process. Why is there no investigation first?

We at Grab strive to continue being a fair platform for both passengers and drivers, which is why we are happy to share our suspension process below.

Suspension Process Flowchart

Our Driver Quality Team make it a point to call drivers and send peers an email to inform them of the suspension. Any feedback, please let us know, and we will see how we can improve the process for the benefit of all stakeholders!

Suspensions for low ratings? Sometimes passengers leave ratings with no comments. Others take out their own frustrations on the driver. Eg. High fares “overpricing” comment, and the driver was suspended for Overcharging.

We understand that not all feedback is fair, so we make sure to take average star ratings, and not rely on any single one, to determine driver service quality. Aside from inviting low-star drivers for retraining, we also reward our top drivers who continuously show top-notch service to our passengers!

Grab’s Plans / Strategy

What are Grab’s plans for the future?

Be the safest transportation app in the region

To do this, we will need your help in keeping the community in check to make sure that both our passengers and drivers can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands.

Make transportation accessible to all

We consistently innovate and challenge the market with new products and services to make sure that whenever someone–or something– needs to be from point A to point B, Grab can deliver.

Improve the lives of our partners

This is why we want to continue working with you hand-in-hand in a collaborative, productive environment. We want to know that we are making a real and sustainable difference, and we are committed to your success and the success of all our stakeholders.

Is Grab planning to implement any new features for the app?

Yes! Of course! We have come a long way from the first version of the driver and passenger app, and we continue going a long way to constantly improve and perfect our system.

This is why we love getting your feedback, and we will continue engaging you– now we know which features we need to focus on.

Can we get a breakdown for GrabPay? It’s especially hard for fleets to track how much each driver earned.

We discussed this within the team and loved this suggestion. Starting last week we have actually started rolling out GrabPay summaries of transactions, to help you better monitor the amounts that your drivers earn from GrabPay transactions.

Do let us know if you have not yet received yours, via the Summary of Transactions request form, and we will be sure to include your driver in the mailing list moving forward. Summary of Transactions Request Form

Support Operations

Why can’t we get answers when we call or contact? It’s always, “we’ll get back to you within X hours / days / weeks / months”.

Thanks for the honest feedback. We appreciate constructive criticism that pushes us to outserve you, our drivers. Please trust that we are working very hard not only on streamlining our driver support platforms, but also, and more importantly, to empower you, our Peers and drivers, with tools that allow you to resolve issues independently.

In the coming months, please continue to expect more improvements from our side.

It takes so long for our applications to be processed- usually a couple of weeks to months!

We’ve been striving to improve our driver and peer support by further improving and speeding up our application process! 

Application Process

Important Notes on Peer and Driver Application:

List of Requirements: (please present original copies and photocopies of each requirements)

  1. Peer’s Tax Identification Number (TIN ID or ITR)
  2. Vehicle’s OR/CR or Delivery Notes/Sales Invoice
  3. Driver’s Professional Driver’s License or License OR/CR with Date of issuance (3 years from date of issuance)
  4. Driver’s NBI Clearance (at least 21 days before expiration)
  5. Vehicle’s Comprehensive Insurance Policy (please provide all pages of the policy)

*** If Vehicle is not under the Peer’s name, please provide a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) authorizing the Peer to register and have full authority to manage the said vehicle under Grab. SPA should include full details of the vehicle (plate number, engine number, and car model). Additionally, please present the original owner’s TIN ID or ITR and any government issued ID with 3 specimen signatures.

***If your Driver is a former Grabcar or Grabtaxi Driver, he would need to submit a clearance from his former Peer or operator online thru: https://grabcar.formstack.com/forms/gc_regform_manila Once cleared, we will send an email advising your Driver to schedule a session with us before we can process the application.

***In the future, you can also add more cars and drivers, visit the link so you can book your schedule online: https://grabcar.formstack.com/forms/gc_regform_manila

Driver Experience

It would be nice recognize drivers on their performance aside from incentives to empower them in becoming more excellent GrabCar drivers. 

Thank you for this feedback- the team took it to heart and ran a couple of programs to recognize drivers for their excellent, 5-star service! This is what we call our Green Stripes Program

Read more about it HERE

Our Green Stripe Drivers are our elite group who serve as our delight ambassadors to passengers. The program is coveted by all because not only do they have bragging rights, we’ve also armed them with a special bundle and rewards for doing a great job!

The GAP Program

We also recognize that we have drivers who want to perform better and be included in our elite group of drivers. We’ve recently rolled out the Grab Apprenticeship Program or The GAP. This program aims to have a sense of mentorship between our drivers and their mentors (top Green Stripe Drivers). Check out how well they’ve performed HERE!  

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