Exclusive Partnership with RAPIDÉ

Great news, Grabbers!

Starting May 9, you’ll be enjoying our exclusive deal with RAPIDÉ valid for one entire year!

GrabCar drivers need to present their Grab ID and Grab app to any of their branches.

Get as much as 21% discount with the exclusive Grab deal VS. walk-in rates! 

Plus all these added services:
1.   FREE Comprehensive Inspection – Based on Motorist Assurance Program’s (MAP) Standards of Service and Uniform Inspection Guidelines.

2. FREE Written Estimate & Recommendations – Written Estimates includes the reason for the repair, and no work will be performed without your prior authorization

3.   FREE Tire Mounting & Balancing (Including lead wheel weights) – on any tire purchase.

4.   FREE Towing Assistance – Mechanical breakdowns only. Vehicles shall be towed to the nearest Rapidé shop. Towing charges shall be billed to Grab drivers or may be waived depending on the extent of repair to be done.

5.     FREE Service Unit Pick up and Delivery – only by Grab authorized personnel.


Guarantee period –  

Rapide guarantees all workmanship and parts from original date of purchase for a minimum of thirty (30) days. Should the workmanship or parts be defective during the guarantee period, Rapide will replace or correct them at no charge. Guarantee period per service type are as follows:


BRAKE PADS & SHOES             Limited Lifetime Warranty

Private Passenger Vehicles          Lifetime

Commercial Vehicles                   6 months

ALL HYDRAULIC PARTS            6 months


Parts and workmanship               6 months


Parts and workmanship               6 months


Parts and workmanship               3 months


Parts and workmanship               3 months


Parts and workmanship               3 months

For Passenger Vehicles Only


NOTE: This guarantee only covers specific parts which were purchased from and replaced by Rapide. Rapidé brake shoes or disc brake pads are warranted for as long as the CLIENT owns the vehicle on which the brake shoes or disk brakes were originally installed.

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