New Driver Cancellation Reasons

We are rolling out new cancel options for you to choose from!

Your improved cancellation options now include
1. Accepted in error (you accidentally accepted a trip request)
2. Passenger no show (you wait at the pickup for over 5 minutes, but passenger can’t be found or contacted)
3. Can’t reach in time (you can’t honour the trip due to traffic conditions, vehicle
breakdown, etc.)
4. Passenger request to cancel (you were asked by passenger to cancel)
Note that this will show if your App is on version 5.4.298.
If not updated, go to the Play store to update.
Follow the steps below to update your Driver app:

1. Open up the driver app and go to your settings. Scroll down to check device information and check if the version you have is 5.2.298

2. If YES, no action needed– just wait for an update message to pop up and click “upgrade.” If it is not on version 5.4.298, go to the PLAYSTORE on your phone (internet required). Select GTX Driver, and click UNINSTALL. Search for GTX Driver again and re-install app. Your driver app is now updated!

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