GrabCar to Operate in NAIA on March 14!

Hey GrabPeer!

GrabCar is now in partnership with NAIA! 

Yes, you heard that right. Starting Monday, March 14, GrabCar Drivers can finally pick up passengers at the airport! As Grab strives to revolutionize the transportation system in the Metro, we beef up our services even more by extending our operations in cooperation with NAIA!

Here’s what you need to know about our NAIA partnership:

1. Drivers will be allowed to pick up passengers at the following Grab areas:

  • Terminal 1: Main Arrival Curbside
  • Terminal 2: Inner Arrival Curbside between Bays 7 and 8
  • Terminal 3: Secondary Arrival Curbside between Bays 5 and 6
  • Terminal 4:  Curbside

Please note that only GrabCar (Sedan), GrabCar Plus, and GrabCar 6-Seater vehicles are allowed to pick up passengers in these main pick up points.

2. For strict compliance: GrabCar Drivers can ONLY pick up at the designated fixed points above which will be manned by Grab staff 24/7.

DO NOT pick up passengers outside of the designated stations. Should a passenger request for pick up outside of the official Grab booths, kindly give them a call and request them to move to the nearest Grab booth for pick up.

3. Following NAIA security protocol, GrabCar Drivers will only be allowed to pick up passengers upon presenting the following at the checkpoint:

  • GrabCar Driver ID
  • Flash the Booking Screen on your Driver app indicating pick up

Note: we are currently distributing GrabCar Driver IDs by batches so please await a text message from the GrabCar team to know when you can claim your ID! You will only be allowed to pick up passengers when you claim your GrabCar ID on or after March 14.


4. Drivers have a waiting time of 2 minutes per passenger pick up. Kindly make sure you communicate with your passengers upon booking for a more efficient pick up!

5. Drivers can drop off passengers at the Departure and Arrival area given that they present the following at the check point:

  • GrabCar Driver ID
  • Booking Screen on your Driver app indicating drop off

Note: Upon drop off, drivers cannot linger in the area for more than 2 minutes or stand by and wait for incoming passenger bookings. 


Very important: all drivers must read the AIRPORT GUIDELINES HERE prior to accepting rides from the airport.

Another HUGE PARTNERSHIP, another HUGE MILESTONE for the GrabCar Community! Here’s to more rides and making more awesome experiences happen!

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