Incentives- Fares- Billing

Do you provide an incentive?

Thank you for being with us throughout our growth. Now we are the biggest and best car-booking app in the country! GrabCar recognizes that our Peers and Drivers are the best asset of this revolutionary movement and the biggest contributor of our growth. Through our incentive scheme, we always make sure we reward our highest performers on the road! Incentive schemes change from time to time and is announced through email.

How do you calculate fares?

Fares are fixed and calculated in the Grab app. GrabCar does not charge per minute, regardless of the time spent on the road! Manila traffic can be crazy and we don’t want Grabbers worrying about the meter ticking while stuck in EDSA.

                Base Fare Per KM

GrabCar    PHP 30.00 PHP 12.00

GrabCar+ PHP 70.00 PHP 15.00

To make sure GrabPeers can accommodate all booking requests, we implement Rush Hour Rates temporarily. Our rates may go up at certain times of the day! Rush hour rates are generated automatically and it varies depending on the areas in Metro Manila that have high demand.

How can passengers pay?

GrabCar accepts payment in both cash and GrabPay system. Drivers get 100% of the cash payment and GrabCar deducts 20% of the fare through the Credit Balance System. Top-up requests can be made through our e-top up via GCash or requested through this site.

How do we know if my passenger selected a GrabPay ride?

Watch out for the GrabPay icon on the upper left corner of the booking request

How do I accept payment through GrabPay?

Once the trip is completed, a fare summary will pop up showing the total amount to be charged to the passenger. Just hit SEND and charges will apply to the passenger’s credit/ debit card

When will we receive remittances for GrabPay transactions?

We remit GP payments to Peer’s GCash wallet bi-weekly, every Wednesday and Saturday of the week.

Do we get 100% of the fare through GrabPay?

Definitely! The same transaction with cash payments applies to GrabPay rides. We deduct 20% of the fare from your Credit Balance and you get to keep 100% of the passenger’s fare.

How are promos deducted from a GrabPay trip?

For now, you can manually edit the fare on your app and deduct the amount of the promo code of the total fare. Make sure that adjustment is correct! In case you made a mistake, contact Customer Service to assist you in correcting the fare.

If I have a dispute on the fare, will I get a refund/ fare adjustment?

Please reach out to us by using the channels below to air out your feedback and we’ll do our best to get back to you after thoroughly going through them.

Can I ask for a tip from passengers?

No you may not ask or require a tip from passengers. However, if a passenger insists, go ahead and accept! You deserve it.

Are toll fees included in the fixed fare?

Toll fees are NOT INCLUDED in the fare. The passenger must shoulder the fee

Will a withholding tax also apply to the fares?

For now, a deduction of 10% withholding tax will apply onto the Peer/driver incentives. The fare per ride is currently not included in the withholding tax deduction. Only GrabCar’s 20% commission will be deducted from the fare.

How do I get a WHT certificate?

Please fill in the form HERE [] GrabCar will get back to you regarding the next steps to claim the certificate.

I do not have a tax identification number (tin) yet. What do I do?

GrabCar will still deduct 10% withholding tax from your incentives if any. Once you have submitted the TIN to us, we will identify the taxes withheld with your corresponding TIN.

I have multiple drivers under my account. Do they need a TIN too?

We will deduct the withholding tax only from the Peer account. How you will disburse the amount of your drivers share will be up to you. You may or may not require your drivers to submit their TIN to you.

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