Application Concerns

How do I apply as a Peer/ Driver?

Step 1: Apply online by visiting this link:

Step 2: Get Verified. Once you’ve submitted your form, we’ll process your application and make sure everything’s A-Okay! When we’ve verified that it’s complete, we’ll send you an email to confirm.

Step 3: Get Accredited. You’ll go through a GrabPeer Briefing and a GrabCar Driver Orientation. We’ll guide you through the Peer and driving process, after which you can go and accept bookings!

Note that the maximum data capacity when uploading documents should not exceed 25 MB for each file.

Can I register as a Peer if the car is not under my name?

You can be an operator provided that you have an authorization letter from the vehicle owner, together with valid IDs of you and the owner.

Does the applicant name have to be consistent with the vehicle owner name?

As required by the LTFRB, applicant name should be the same as the vehicle owner name. If there is a deed of sale, please secure a Vehicle Transfer of Ownership at the LTO.

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