Our team has been working very hard to work with you better in reaching our goal of providing awesome rides to passengers all over Manila!What’s new with GrabCar? Starting December 14, you can now top up to credit your balance via prepaid load! GrabCar teamed up with GCash to provide a more seamless and convenient platform for you to top up anytime, anywhere!

How does this work?

Load up your GCash accounts by going to any Globe Store, 7/11, Tambunting Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop, Capital Pawnshop, Puregold Supermarket, SM Department Stores, Rural Banks, or any other retail partners. There is no service fee when you cash-in to your mobile!

Follow these steps to top-up via GCash!

Dial *143#

Go to GCash

Choose GCash Biz Solutions

Choose Grab e-Voucher

Confirm Grab Membership

Choose amount to top-up

Enter your 4-digit GCash PIN to confirm request

Enter the recipient (your Driver/s) 11-digit mobile number

Enter a message and wait for a confirmation of your request

Your Driver will receive a confirmation message with a code
he can use to to up in his driver app.


Tap the Plus sign on your Credit Balance


Paste the 16-digit code and Top Up!



STARTING WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16, online Top Up requests can be made via prepaid! Having a prepaid transaction means having NO TOP UP DEDUCTIONS in your account moving forward. Take note that for existing Top Up requests, deductions will still apply. Deposit the payment to our account and take a picture of the deposit slip. Upload it when you request for a Top Up here.
See our account information below:
Bank Name: Banco De Oro| Branch: Pasay | Account Name: MyTaxi.PH, Inc. | Account Number:000380227290
1. Is there a service fee when I purchase via *143#?
  • PHP 5.00 for every purchase of the voucher regardless of the amount / denomination

2. Is there a limit in the number/amount of Grab e-vouchers that I can purchase in a day/month?

  • There is no limit on how many times you can purchase per day / month

3. Can I still avail a Grab e-voucher even if I have insufficient funds in my GCash account?

  • Your GCash account must have enough funds before you can avail a Grab e-voucher

4. Is it available 24/7 or during holidays?

  • Yes

5. How will I receive my Grab e-voucher?

  • You will receive a SMS from 2882 (GCash) “Wonderful day! You have purchased <Product> Grab e-voucher with code <coupon code> via GCash on <Date> <Time>. Ref No. <Ref. No.>.”


6. What if I bought a Grab e-voucher then I didn’t receive any response/confirmation message that my transaction was successful / failed, what am I going to do?

  • You can call our GCash Hotline, just dial 2882


  1. I have an online banking account with BDO and has capabilities of transferring funds from my personal account to another individual’s account. Can this transaction be available in the near future? This will definitely save operators time from going to the branch and trnasactions can be done real time and requesting for top up will be faster.


    1. Hi Annie! We’re definitely seeking more ways to make transactions easier and more seamless for all Peers and Drivers so this is something we’re looking into. In the meantime, try out the new e-Top Up system! This gives you total control over your time as it’s available 24/7!


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