How to Be a 5-star Driver?

There’s a reason why GrabCar is the preferred choice of commuters in Manila. It’s not just the convenience of being able to get a ride using your smart phone, but also the quality of service Drivers provide their passengers every single time! We want you to get those stars, here are tips on how you can grab them:


1.    Four out of five passengers are less likely to cancel the booking request if a driver keeps communicating to the passenger for pick up updates! Give passengers a courtesy call, especially if it’s traffic and you’ll go beyond expected time.

2.    Open the door for your passengers, especially for women, senior citizens, and persons with disability. If a passenger needs assistance in carrying the package, feel free to go above and beyond by helping them out, passengers will appreciate it. A little gesture goes a long way!
3.     As a GrabCar driver, you must show professionalism  AT ALL TIMES. Dress appropriately and always be presentable to your passengers. Always be polite and treat your passengers with respect and common courtesy.
4.    Be proactive! Advise your passenger if they have booked a Cash, or GrabPay trip. Ask if they have a preferred route, or if the air-conditioner temperature is alright. Remind your passenger to type the correct drop-off point and check their belongings before stepping out of the vehicle.
5.    Is your car clean? Does it reek of foul odor? Vehicle appearance is very important in our line of business. Make sure it’s spic and span all the time!

6.    Safety is our TOP PRIORITY. Make sure your eyes and ears are on the road so you can get to your destination safely.
7.    Don’t forget to thank your passenger at the end of every ride!


Being a GrabCar Driver means providing passengers with an awesome GrabCar experience. Passengers show how much they love the service by rating their trips at the end of each ride. The goal is for every single Driver to deliver 5-star quality to their passengers, and in turn earn 5- star Driver ratings!

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