Request for a Fare Review!

Want to review your fares? Got questions about your Acceptance Rate? Have any concerns about your billings? 
To clearly voice these concerns, kindly direct all your incentive, fare and A.R. calculation clarifications below and indicate what particular discrepancies you’ve found. Please allow us one to two weeks to thoroughly review your case. If our review confirms your claim, we will be crediting the necessary adjustments during the next disbursement period.
To provide increased transparency on how your incentives were calculated for the week, we have begun sending invoices that detail how much incentives was earned, how much was charged for top-ups or phone billing, as well as how much each of these items was taxed. We have been working to send this to all of you on a weekly basis. If you haven’t been receiving one yet, or if some of your drivers have not been included in these summaries, fill up this form and we’ll make sure that a summary is sent to you and your drivers!

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