Grab’s Official Stand on Suki Passengers

GrabCar is an on-demand transportation network provider. We connect drivers with passengers who need a ride RIGHT NOW. This is why we give driver incentives– so that you, our GrabCar drivers, will be motivated to give quality service to all passengers who need a ride.

Therefore, we do not count suki passengers– including friends, relatives, and neighbors– in the incentive calculation. If we find out that some of your rides are from suki passengers who book only with you, we may withhold your incentives.

We know you can be awesome Peers and drivers, and that you may have passengers who love riding with you. Great job! Our ask is that, when you drive your suki passengers, please take it outside the GrabCar system– which means please do not ask them to book via GrabCar.

Should you encounter any problems, complaints, or bookings by passengers who do not show-up at the pick-up point because they have preferred drivers, know that you may cancel these requests by selecting “Cancel – Passenger No Show” in your driver’s application.

P.S. Don’t worry, our GrabCar community has other awesome drivers, too!

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