GrabCar’s Community Integrity Program

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GrabCar is a social start-up that aims to revolutionize the local transport industry by creating safer, more reliable and convenient experiences for passengers, while at the same time improving the livelihoods of drivers. This has been our mission from the start, one that we have strived to uphold as the company and the Grabbing community grows.

Through our attractive incentive program, we reward our top performing Peers and drivers and encourage them to continuously provide higher levels of service to all of their passengers. At the same time, we also penalize those Peers, drivers, and even passengers who do not uphold GrabCar’s values and violate our Code of Conduct — through passenger mistreatment, misbehavior, reckless driving, gaming, and fraud.

Some of you may know of such people, either from other people’s stories, mutual acquaintances, or even personal encounters. While some of you may think that one bad egg doesn’t matter or that it doesn’t affect you, the truth is that by tolerating such behavior, we open ourselves to further abuse and corruption of the system – leading to lower levels of service, more unsatisfied customers, less rides, and loss of livelihood.

Everybody loses.

Which is why we need your help in putting a stop to these abusers. If you have heard, or if you know of any Peer, driver, passenger, or even GrabCar staff that engages in actions that go against what we stand for at Grab, report it to us through this form.

GrabCar Community Integrity Form

Rest assured that your feedback and identity will be held strictly confidential, and will only be known to Grab. If you do not wish to leave your contact information, you may leave the contact fields blank.

All your inputs will be sent to our regional review board for evaluation and further investigation. Should the allegation against the person in question be confirmed, GrabCar may reward the informant (whichever is higher between) either PHP 5000 or 25% of the losses recovered/prevented, depending on the value of the information provided.

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