GrabCar Phone Installment Billing

Dear GrabCar Peers,

Please be informed that starting Friday, September 18, 2015, we will be charging your account for the use of the cellphone units issued to you. The amount to be charged will be based on when you or your drivers received their phones.

Please take note of the ff:
1. Amount of deduction is P150/week for 12 months for a total of P7800
2. Weekly deduction will take place every Friday

3. Deductions begin on Sep 18 – with the first amount to be deducted depending on when the drivers received the phone.To illustrate, let’s say if Driver A received his phone on June 1, the total amount to be deducted on Sep 18 will be P2,250 which is computed as follows:

June – P150 x 4 weeks = P600
July – P150  x 4 weeks = P600
Aug – P150 x 4 weeks = P600
Sept – P150 x 3 weeks = P450

After this first deduction on Sep 18, the accounts will be charged P150 for all succeeding weeks.

These amounts will be deducted from the driver’s Credit Balance, regardless of available balance. If your account does not have sufficient credits after these charges have been applied, kindly request for an account Top-Up.

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you, and keep Grabbing!

Team GrabCar MNL

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